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Shari & Sherrie

Shari Czar

Shari has 25+ years of experience in business and online marketing. For over twenty years Shari worked full-time in technology, and as a Senior Leader in the IT world, she built and led successful teams across North America, meeting and surpassing aggressive financial targets, business goals and driving high customer satisfaction, while also maintaining high employee satisfaction.

She demonstrated that in creating a positive, healthy work environment employees would be enthusiastic, motivated and creative in reaching their goals. She coached her teams on the business skills necessary to have clarity, courage and the expertise to drive success while creating the environment for growth, risk- taking and fun.

In addition to her business and coaching skills, Shari was certified as a Yoga instructor in 2000, and has continuously taught yoga and other stress reduction techniques to help others balance the stresses of everyday life.

In 2013, Shari began to feel like she wanted to positively impact more people, and she decided to combine her skills from both the business world and stress reduction. That is when she founded her company, Infinite Heart Space.

Shari began mentoring already successful, productive individuals, techniques to elevate themselves to higher levels of performance. Through gaining clarity, confidence and expertise she helps them magnify their own success while being driven to keep motivated and balancing it all by learning stress prevention and management techniques that can be woven in throughout the day. In applying these skills, individuals see impactful changes in both their business and personal lives.

Shari leads the Achievement in Action Academy and Mastermind, as well as provides private coaching, speaking engagements and workshops. She has created online courses, and has supported others in launching their own products and services.

Shari is also a ghost writer for a number of executive and company blogs. She still guides yoga and stress reduction weekly, believing that we all need a way to relax and this is one way she gives back to her community.

Shari’s Passion

Shari has always been driven to share ideas, concepts and more to help others move forward in their lives. What she learns, she feels driven to share. It brings her great pleasure to see individuals make progress and it brings her even greater joy to see them recognize it in themselves.

Sherrie Wirth

Sherrie is the founder of The Exhibit Company, which she started over 20+ years ago. Her firm works closely with law firms and expert witnesses around the country to help them craft their themes and stories and prepare the visuals used to educate the jury, judge, mediator or arbitrator about their case. The Exhibit Company has been fortunate to participate in cases against/for companies as large as Google, Apple and Eastman/Kodak…but really takes pride in being an integral part of the trial team, no matter how large or small the case might be. She also is a guest lecturer at The University of Texas Law School on the topics of storytelling, visualization and trial technology.

Five years ago, Sherrie co-founded a software program specific to the legal industry, ExhibitSticker.com. The software business was built from the ground up and now has over 6,000 users, including the Department of Defense and numerous Attorneys General and is sold in over 26 countries.

Sherrie is a serial entrepreneur at heart and along the way has taken special pride in helping entrepreneurs create and deliver pitch packages and presentations to VC investors, traditional funding sources and angel investors to get their businesses funded. Several of her clients have gone on to create multi-million dollar businesses.

Sherrie’s Passion

Sherrie’s passion is helping others get to the heart of what their “story” is and to help them succeed. Whether in the courtroom, the boardroom or even over kitchen table hatching a new plan that could change the world, she loves being the behind the scenes cheerleader and springboard.



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