We help entrepreneurs transform their businesses by simplifying business strategies, marketing techniques and technology into actionable steps. 

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  • Content in bite-sized pieces, giving you tools to support and grow your business
  • Simplified how-to’s on tools and tech for where you are in your business and budget
  • Actions to allow for life outside of your business
  • A community of people who get it…it can be a lonely roller coaster ride, but not anymore

S-Squared Community

Time Saver Tool

Learn one of our favorite ninja technical tips for gaining back free time while watching video.

Attractor Factor

Discover the step-by-step process for attracting (and keeping) your ideal clients.

Cool Image Editing Tool

Discover one of our favorite resources for taking stock art and putting your own branding spin on it.

The Back Story

We know how difficult it is because we’ve been there. As business owners ourselves, we spent a lot of time chasing down paths that didn’t work…

…we invested lots of money on tools, sometimes buying a Cadillac version when what we needed was a Honda, or even just a bicycle…

…we sat alone in our offices wishing we had someone who we could talk to, who related to how we were feeling and what we were dealing with…

…and we wished that our businesses didn’t seem to consume our lives because we deserved to have a life outside of work!

We each invested years learning from the experts, taking courses, attending conferences and being sponges. Through trial and effort, we learned what did and didn’t work.

We learned a lot through each of these challenges, but we would have gladly traded it all in for one place to get the answers, support and save us the pain, time and expense of making the wrong choices.

That’s what inspires us to help other entrepreneurs cut through the overwhelm and jump to the key steps to moving their businesses forward. That is why the S-Squared Community was born.

Sherrie Wirth, M.B.A.

  • President & Art Director,
    The Exhibit Company
  • Co-Founder ExhibitSticker.com
  • Online Course Creator
  • Presentation Pitch Coach
  • Guest Lecturer UT Law School
  • 25+ Years Presentation Design

Shari Czar

  • Founder, Achievement in Action Academy
  • Business Coach
  • Online Course Creator
  • Launch Manager
  • Speaker, Author
  • Yoga Instructor
  • 25+ Years Senior Leader in IT

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